Saying good morning/good afternoon/good evening to all of the wikia users. My name's David and I'm happy to be joining this wikia! I really hope I will be able to help you guys out, edit the pages, create new blogs, templates, etc. (By the way, I'm gonna include House of Anubis gif between paragraphs because I'm weird.)


First of all, the only question it comes to an admin when a new user joins the wikia is if the user will be active and if he's not a troll. (also, for Eye Candy fans, if the new user isn't a creepy stalker hiding in your basement) So speaking of trolls, don't worry, I am not one of them. In fact, I will try my best to help you guys out no matter where you need me. No worries - I've been at the House of Anubis wikia for over a year now and I quite well know how wikia works and so. But of course, I will read your rules & policies before any further editing at first.


So. Yeah. I'm David, I'm obsessed with the show House of Anubis, honestly, as well as I love other teen shows, such as Victorious, Teen Wolf, Wolfblood, Awkward, and from now on, Eye Candy. If you love any of these, I'm pretty sure we're going to be great friends. If you watch House of Anubis, let me love you. Anyway, my favorite television couples are Fabina (Fabian & Nina, House of Anubis ), Amfie (Alfie & Amber, House of Anubis), Bade (Beck & Jade, Victorious ), Stydia (Stiles & Lydia, Teen Wolf ), etc., etc...


I'm quite a complicated & weird person I must say. So spoiler alert, I might even piss you off sometimes... But I'll try my best not to. I'm a big fan of writing, I do that everytime I'm motivated and I'm on my way on writing new House of Anubis fanfictions, as well as my new book Everlasting Fear in the Past coming out in 2016.


I don't think I'll need help with anything at the moment because I'm not new to editing, so, if there are any other newbies out here, feel free to leave a message on my wall, I'd be happy to help in any way. :)


Please share your name & a few facts about yourself in the comments. Because sharing is good... Makes it so easy to be your follower... And I know sharing makes you feel alive... Which is funny... Because you don't know it yet! And you're already dead... Ha. Ha. Ha.


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